Green Lantern Corps Screenwriters Chosen

Warner Brothers and DC Films have been making some huge announcements recently and today is no different. In a move that is sure to stir up the Geek Hive, DC Films announced the writing team for the upcoming Green Lantern Corps movie.


Upcoming screenwriter Justin Rhodes and veteran screenwriter David S. Goyer have been tapped to write the movie. While Rhodes’ involvement is unexpected, Goyer’s name attached to the project is not without controversy. Goyer once referred to Marvel comics heroine She-Hulk as a ” giant green porn star”.


He also equated any fan who has heard of Martian Manhunter with those who haven’t been laid.


Even fellow writer Kevin Smith, who is also a screenwriter, director and comic book writer, opined “I don’t think David Goyer reads comic books whatsoever man.” on his Hollywood Babble-On podcast with Ralph Garman.


Justin Rhodes is a relative newcomer. His previous work includes writing and directing the 2008 film Contract Killers and writing the screenplay for the movie Grassroots starring Jason Biggs (American Pie). David S. Goyer has a history in the comic book movie genre. He wrote the movie Blade and the screenplays for Batman Begins and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


No casting information has been given, but according to DC, the film will feature Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and John Stewart in a buddy cop, “Lethal Weapon” type of story. Jordan has always been the hot-shot pilot, as portrayed in the books, while Stewart is the tough no-nonsense former military sniper. It will be interesting to see how Goyer tackles this dynamic as well as the rest of the material as he seems to have some aversion to the color  green.

Green Lantern Corps is due to be released in 2020.

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