Google recently announced that it is launching it ARCore mobile augmented reality platform and there are already developers lined up to use it.

According to Variety, one of the first partners to take advantage of this new technology is Sony Pictures. ARCore allows developers to build apps that place digital objects on top of a phone’s camera view and have those objects behave as they would in the real world. Sony is looking to take advantage of the platform to introduce a new mobile game based on the Ghostbusters franchise.


Ghostbusters World will be an AR game in the style of Niantic’s popular Pokemon Go game. Set in the world of the Ghostbusters franchise, the player will traverse their world, encountering ghosts, busting and trapping them as they would in the films. The game will not be available at the launch of ARCore phones, but it will be available this year according to a short video released today which you can watch here.

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