Godkiller: Tomorrow’s Ashes #1

Black Mask Studios

Written by Matteo Pizzolo

Art by Anna Muckcracker

Letters by Jim Campbell

The Rundown: Soledad and Halfpipe seek out a cure for Tommy while he faces an uncertain fate.

Soledad and Halfpipe meet with Beezal. After a disturbing conversation, Beezal makes an unexpected offer. Suddenly, a deadly confrontation occurs. Afterwards, Soledad and Halfpipe must determine how to proceed. Elsewhere, Tommy is being held in a treatment facility. His guards want to treat him for a mental health issue, but Tommy is resistant. Later, Tommy worries over his fate as he makes a startling realization.

The Story: Pizzolo has crafted a dark and twisted narrative filled with some very interesting characters. However, this issue felt as though it contained two different stories, instead of one interconnected tale. Soledad and Halfpipe’s scenes are witty and filled with black humor. And their journey feels like an action packed buddy adventure. Whereas Tommy’s storyline is dark, moody, and marked with internal conflict. I’m curious what tone the series will strike if, or when, the three protagonists are able to join forces.

The Art: Muckcracker uses minimalist artwork with an emphasis on character expression and form. This is enhanced by a color palette of dark tones and reds that change with the setting. As a content warning, this comic is rated M/Mature and does contain nudity and disturbing illustrations. Overall, this is a good looking issue that perfectly compliments the tone of the story.

Godkiller: Tomorrow’s Ashes #1



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