Giant Size Amazing Spider-Man #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Nick Spencer

Art by Roge Antonio, Carlos Gomez and Ze Carlos

Colors by Alex Sinclair

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Spider-Man enlists some friends to help him rescue Boomerang, but they are going to need some convincing.

It’s a Defenders reunion as Peter tries to convince heroes like Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Hawkeye to help him track down and rescue Boomerang. Unfortunately, it’s a hard sell as all of them have reasons to hate the newly reformed villain. After tracking Boomerang to his last known location, things get more complicated when the mob bosses Fisk brought in to bring in Boomerang surround the only way to get to him. To make matters worse, Kingpin is on his way to the scene with the rest of the tablet.

After airing some personal grievances with the wall-crawler, his friends gladly join the fight. Unfortunately, they aren’t alone as Jameson’s latest social media ploy brings in a series of user piloted drones to “help” fight alongside the heroes. Amid the chaos, Spidey finds Fred and the two continue their quest for the last shard. What follows is a betrayal of huge proportions and a series of twists that will leave Spider-Man reeling.

The Story: Spencer brings this arc to an interesting and unexpected conclusion in this issue. Spencer does an amazing (no pun intended) job of adding multiple twists and turns throughout this story and there was no way to predict where the story was taking me as a reader. I enjoyed the surprises, the dialogue and the character relationships a lot. The plot twists at the end of the issue were brilliantly done and I look forward to seeing how Peter deals with their aftermath.

The Art: There is great art throughout the issue. The story switches from character driven moments to pulse pounding action and the art does a brilliant job of showcasing both of those things.

Giant Size Amazing Spider-Man #1



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