ghoster cover


Written by Thom Burgess and Toby Meakins

Art by Joe Becci

Letters by Thom Burgess

The Rundown: On a rainy night in London, two young men will meet their destinies head on, but will they survive the encounter?

James Tallier and Will Munitas have been chosen to become part of an elite group of ghost hunters that goes back centuries. Infused with dark power, the two young men are given a dangerous trial to prove they can become Ghosters. They must enter the most haunted house in London and kill a malevolent each.


Armed with weapons designed to kill malevolents and infused with power that will allow them to temporarily travel into the world of the spirits, called the Tenebrate, Tallier and Munitas enter the home and go on the hunt. Things go from bad to worse as the sheer number of malevolent spirits in that house threaten to overwhelm the young men and with time running out for them in the spirit realm, they could be trapped as a malevolent themselves. Unless the mystery figure that’s been following them proves to be friend rather than possible foe.

The Story: Writers Thom Burgess and Toby Meakins have managed to craft an interesting and engaging world with this first look at Ghoster. The story effectively establishes the world of these characters, the conflicts they will face, the stakes and perils involved and the mystery of a possible conspiracy inside the ranks of this secret society. The dialogue is tight and the story moves at an exciting pace that doesn’t waste a moment.

I found myself fascinated with this world and its characters and one of the best aspects of this first issue is that it includes supplemental information about those things that serve to not only hold my interest, but make me excited to see what else comes from this world and its inhabitants.

The Art: Joe Becci does some incredible work with the art in this book. All of the characters look amazing. The backgrounds and panel are beautifully detailed and the malevolents themselves are disturbing and interesting.





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