Ghostbusters Back in Town #4

Dark Horse Comics

Written by David M. Booher

Art by Blue Delliquanti

Colors by Cris Peter

Letters by Jimmy Betancourt

The Rundown: The Ghostbusters make a final attempt to stop a mad ghost feeding on the city.

The ghost of Madame Malveaux is flooding the city with a new form of slime that is feeding off the discord of the city and causing the citizens to turn on each other. At the same time, she sends her ghosts to attack the firehouse and disrupt the containment unit.

The new Ghostbusters have to come up with a desperate plan to stop the ghost once and for all. After discovering how they are being affected by the slime, Phoebe comes up with an idea that could save the city and more importantly, her family.

The Story: Booher brings this story to a fun conclusion. It has a fun and entertaining energy that definitely made me smile at times. It doesn’t get particularly deep, but there are some great action beats and humor that made the series an enjoyable prequel to the movie.

The Art: Delliquanti delivers some fun visuals throughout the issue. The imagery is great and beautifully captures the spirit and tone of the story.

Ghostbusters Back in Town #4



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