The adaptation of Stephen King’s sequel to The Shining, Doctor Sleep, is currently in production and filming with a proposed 2020 release date. Here is who we know is starring in the big screen adaptation and whom they will be playing.


Danny Torrance (Ewan McGregor) survives the events at the Overlook Hotel only to fall into the same abyss of violence and alcoholism that plagued his father Jack Torrance up until his death when the Hotel exploded. Danny spends years drinking to numb the power of the Shining within him and when he finally crawls his way back to reality and sobriety, he uses his gift to help usher terminally ill patients to the other side as an orderly known as “Doctor Sleep”. When a young girl with immeasurable power begins to contact him for help, Danny has to face his personal demons and the real ones from his past in order to save her from a fate worse than death.

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Dick Halloran (Carl Lumbly) is another survivor of the Overlook. He is the one who teaches Danny about how to use the Shining as well as how to find a way to look away all the residual evil entities that plague Danny as he grows up.


Abra Stone (Kyliegh Curran) is a little girl with a Shining so powerful that she can not only read minds, but also move objects and enter the minds of others. Her parents and those close to her know what she can do, but they don’t understand it and Abra reaches out to Danny to help her after she psychically witnesses the True Knot brutally murder a young boy to steal his essence, which they call “Steam”.

Rebecca Ferguson

Rose the Hat (Rebecca Ferguson) is the leader of the True Knot. The True is a group of unassuming, almost forgettable nomads who travel the country in a fleet of motor homes and have lived for hundreds of years by feeding off the energy produced by tragedy as well as people who possess The Shining. When Rose’s action with the True attract the attention of Abra Stone, Rose decides to focus in on finding the little girl because her power could be enough to sustain them for years.


Crow Daddy (Zahn McClarnon) is Rose’s second in command of the True. He is the advance man and conducts most of the True’s business with what they call “Rubes”. His power makes him incredibly charming to everyone around him and he is fiercely loyal to Rose.


Dr. John (Bruce Greenwood) is Abra Stone’s pediatrician. Her family brings him in when Abra’s powers begin to manifest and he counsels them as well as Abra. He is a recovering alcoholic with a connection to Danny Torrance.


Snakebite Andi (Emily Alyn Lind) is the True Knot’s latest member. Her tragic past makes her a cold and calculating young woman who’s desire to hurt men is coupled with her power to put anyone immediately to sleep and manipulate them while they are.


Barry (Robert Longstreet) is another member of the True Knot. His power is that he can track anyone and use his psychic abilities to make anyone, especially children, believe that he is a good guy. A power he uses frequently to lure in victims of the True.

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