Gargoyles: Dark Ages #5

Dynamite Entertainment

Written by Greg Weisman

Art by Drew Moss

Colors by Martina Pignedoli

Letters by Jeff Eckleberry

The Rundown: The young members of the clan discover an ancient threat beneath the location of the castle.

The humans and gargoyles continue the construction of castle Wyvern and the peace between them leads to some interesting moments. When four young members of the clan and their human friend Alesand decide to go exploring, they discover a cave with a dark secret inside.

At the same time, Demona continues to learn from the wizard as the young gargoyles find themselves in a dragon horde. When the dragon awakens, it speaks to the gargoyles and when it discovers that there is an alliance between humans and gargoyles, it decides to end it before it grows.

The Story: Weisman crafts a fun and thrilling story that adds a new layer to the story of the clan as well as create new lore that offers some interesting aspects of their history to fans of the characters. I like the dynamic between the dragon and the gargoyles and would love to see that dynamic explored. The side stories continue to be compelling as well and I look forward to seeing how the thrilling cliffhanger resolves.

The Art: Moss delivers some fantastic art in the issue. I love the vibrant tone of the imagery and how it creates a compelling visual story.

Gargoyles: Dark Ages #5



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