Gargoyles #12

Dynamite Entertainment

Written by Greg Weisman

Art by George Kambadais

Colors by Giovanna La Pietra and Valeria Verdi

Letters by Jeff Eckleberry

The Rundown: The clan bands together to stop a potential mob war in the city.

After being released from prison, Goliath and the other gargoyles breathe a sigh of relief and make plans for their lives and the clan. At the same time, the gang war brewing in Manhattan begins to heat up as Dracon calls for a meeting with the other families while secretly plotting to bring the police and the gargoyles into his war.

As Goliath and the others deal with personal issues, they receive a visit from someone close to the Dracon organization. Someone trying to stop the war before it begins. Someone with their own agenda that has someone on the inside of the clan itself.

The Story: Weisman continues to brilliantly spellbind the reader with an amazing story filled with great action, thrills and emotion. I love the complexity of the characters, their motivations and how all the different story elements continue to connect as the bigger plot takes some amazing twists and turns filled with surprises for fans of the characters.

The Art: Kambadais delivers fantastic art throughout the issue. I love the visual style of the series and how the imagery connects with me as a fan.

Gargoyles #12



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