While the premiere episode of one of our favorite shows was immensely satisfying, the second episode “Home” paid service to every fan of the series by not only continuing the story lines that dominated last season, but gave us call backs to the stories that interested us, but were put on the back burner for a while. While there was an absence of Daeneyrs, her presence was still felt in the storyline involving her dragons. [No Spoilers]

I will attempt to explain why I enjoyed the episode without spoiling it for anyone who hasn’t seen it, but I tell you this, even though I am House Stark, I have never rooted harder for the Lannisters as they take on the High Sparrow.


Tyrion – Seeing no escape from Mereen with the events of last weeks episodes unfolding, Tyrion sees himself put into the position of having to clean up the mess left by Daeneyrs and her attempts to liberate the slaves. He decides that maybe what everyone needs is to see the strength of the “Mother of Dragons” in action.


Cersei – While we got to see the softer side of the former queen as she mourns the death of her only daughter Myrcella, make no mistake that sharp edges that make up Cersei Lannister and her desire for revenge are intact and even though Varys and Littlefinger are no longer supplying her with information, she seems to have a pretty intact network of spies and informants (just ask the guy who had an unfortunate run in with a wall after being less than cordial about Cersei’s walk of shame). This was definitely a moment that I Jersey Shore punched in the air.


Ramsey Bolton – Holy crap!! There are literally no depths this guy will not sink. After gaining legitimacy from his father, his desire to hold onto it has driven Ramsey to go beyond his previous depths of insanity into all new levels of depravity that rival Joffrey at his worse.


Balon Greyjoy – We finally get to travel back to the Iron Islands to visit the Greyjoys. It’s been a while since Yara’s disastrous attempt to rescue Theon (Reek) from Ramsey and their armies have been pushed back to the Iron Islands themselves. Balon still believes that he can take that land back and more and refuses to listen to his daughter with grave consequences.


Bran – Bran seems to be being groomed for something bigger than himself, much like Arya. His ability to travel to the past has given him insight into the history of his family, especially seeing his father aunt and uncle playing as children in  Winterfell.


Tommen – Poor, sweet, simple Tommen Baratheon. He may be the king, but he is constantly being manipulated by everyone in his life from his mother to his wife. I wonder what is going to happen when Tommen decides that he’s had enough of being someone’s puppet. I’m pretty sure the situation in Dorne will force the young king to face all those who have decided to take advantage of him and force him to decide who is really loyal to him.



John Snow – I wont even begin to get into this one. I will only say that his presence continues to have repercussions throughout the season and will impact the rest of the world soon enough.

“What is dead may never die.”



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