Fandoms are gathering this week for Comic-Con@Home and among the announcements, trailers and online panels, a little nugget of surprise managed to squeeze its way through almost unnoticed.


NBCUniversal’s gaming and tech network G4TV made a surprise announcement today that is sparking rumors that the channel, which featured everything from Geek News to Video Game Reviews, will be returning in some form next year.

G4 featured news and shows geared towards geek culture and gaming with shows like Attack of the Show and X-Play. The channel also introduced American audiences to shows like Ninja Warrior and others before it shut down in 2014. With this video tease, it looks like G4 will be coming back with a tease that states; “We Never Stopped Playing”.

Whether this means the return of Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb to the world of X-Play or Kevin Pereira returning to the Attack of the Show set is still unknown but both shows Twitter accounts have reflected the same message from the G4TV feed.

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