Future State Justice League #1

DC Comics

Written by Joshua Williamson and Ram V

Art by Robson Rocha and Marcio Takara

Inks by Daniel Henriques

Colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr and Marcelo Maiolo

Letters by Tom Napolitano and Rob Leigh

The Rundown: A new Justice League with new rules finds themselves facing a new and dangerous threat.

The new Justice League has done what the previous version couldn’t, bring peace to the world. Loved by the people, a group of their forgotten villains meet in the ruins of the Hall of Justice to plan their destruction. What happens next brings the League to their predecessors meeting place to investigate a series of murders. With Green Lantern taking the lead in the investigation, the rest of the League separates back to their regular lives. Lives that are not connected to each other in any way and that allows a new threat to emerge and go after them one by one.

Another story finds a future where Merlin has emerged and taken control of all magic. The last remnants of Justice league Dark gather to investigate a brutal attack that leads them to a familiar face. After getting the information that they need, an attack by Merlin’s forces sends Zatanna and Detective Chimp on the run to a location being protected by a magic shield. A location watched over by an old friend who is protecting someone who might have the power to save the future.

The Story: Both stories are well done and start off with some interesting storytelling that grabbed my attention and held it as I read on. The Justice League story is interesting in its premise and I enjoyed how the story and its characters take a different approach to working as a team. What’s more interesting is how that approach allows for the events that happen to unfold. The Justice League Dark story was great. There were some great character moments throughout and I really enjoyed the mystery, misdirection and reveals throughout.

The Art: Robson Rocha does some great work with the art in the Justice League story. There are beautiful details throughout and the characters look amazing. Marcio Takara brings a beautiful, dark tone to the art in this Justice League Dark story. The use of shadow was perfectly done and the art matches the dark tone of the story.

Future State Justice League #1



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