Future State Aquaman #2

DC Comics

Written by Brandon Thomas

Art by Daniel Sampere

Colors by Adriano Lucas

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Andy clashes with the locals in her quest to save Jackson.

Injured and alone, Andy manages to make her way to a foreign shore. After being separated from Jackson and nursing an injured leg, she uses her powers to find an alternative. An alternative that might be more trouble than it’s worth as she fights to survive and find her brother.

As the years move on, Andy learns more and more about where she is as well as using the lessons Jackson taught her to survive and grow. When the time comes for her to find the Aquaman, she leaps into the fray and uses her training to find him so they can find a way to get home.

The Story: Brandon Thomas crafts a deeply emotional story for Andy in this issue. The plot is beautifully done and deepens the connection between these two characters in ways that are engaging to the reader. There is growth in the character and the reader gets a sense of Andy coming into her own as a character. A great issue with an awesome, emotional ending.

The Art: Daniel Sampere delivers some great visuals throughout the issue. There is some awesome action throughout and the characters are brilliantly designed and detailed.

Future State Aquaman #2



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