Funko SDCC Wave 1 and 2 Annoucements! (UPDATED)

         Hello to all my fellow Funko Funatics! We have arrived at that time of year! The only time of year that can either fill us with complete joy and excitement or utter frustration and rage. Yes, you know what I’m referring to… San Diego Comic-Con is almost here, and with SDCC being right around the corner we have already begun to see some exciting upcoming new releases set to debut at SDCC! So far, direct from Funko’s own website, Wave 1 and Wave 2 of Funko’s SDCC exclusives have been released to us for our drooling pleasure. We know that last year the majority of the SDCC releases were released as “Summer Convention Exclusives” to outside retailers which was a relief to those of us who could not make it all the way out to sunny California, however, we have received no confirmation yet if this will be the case this year. Here’s to hoping!

UPDATE: @OriginalFunko has confirmed “Retailers will announce any shared exclusives AFTER the convention starts!” So keep an eye out for updates this July!

Wave 1:

Excited to see the beginning of the Scott Pilgrim line and what other pieces they will add to the line. Also, POWERPUFF GIRLS! The PPG have been a line that I know a lot of fans have been asking to get for a long time, now that it will finally be debuting at SDCC I wonder how long it will be before we get a Mojo JoJo?!

Wave 2:

            Wave 2 just debuted earlier today and has a lot of exciting pieces from a variety of different Funko brands. The False God Superman is probably one of my favorite pieces out of this wave because I believe it shows that Funko really listens to what their fans want. When Batman v Superman had released it’s initial trailer showing the statue of the defaced Superman, fans throughout the Funko Collector Community immediately began to do their own customizations of this image. Abernaffy Customs (an avid custom Pop Vinyl designer I stumbled across on Facebook) had probably one of the coolest versions of this Superman statue electing to give it an actual stone finish.

         I am also excited for the Dark Crystal ReAction figure as well. As a kid, I can remember watching this movie over and over with my family and loving every moment of it. Recently, Funko also announced a Pop Vinyl line for the Dark Crystal and it is pure nostalgia and the pieces look beautiful. Lastly, speaking of childhood memories, we get DUCK DODGERS! Actually, two variants of Duck Dodgers that seem to be glowing based on the glam shots which is awesome and a must have for me as well.

           I do have another piece from Funko’s Pop Vinyl collection I want to mention that are not part of the SDCC exclusives but, to my knowledge, will be a mass release. We are finally getting another Agent added to our Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D line, QUAKE (aka Daisy Johnson aka Skye). I’m very excited about this because Agent Coulson was one of my first and favorite pieces when I started collecting and I have always wanted that line to expand. So here’s hoping we will see much more from this line!

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Daisy Johnson aka Quake:


Stay tuned to for more updates for E3, San Diego Comic-Con, and all your favorite heroes!

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