Fox is trying to get viewers excited about their new series The Gifted ahead of its fall premiere and they are doing it in a way that immerses fans into the world of the X-Men.

The website Sentinel Services will take viewers to a seemingly innocuous government site that asks visitors get themselves checked for the X-Gene for their own health and the safety of the community. Clicking on the links and pages will take you to testimonials from parents of mutants and actual mutants themselves talking about the benefits of getting tested. When you click on some of the links you get something else completely, messages from the Mutant underground.


As viral sites go, this one is pretty fun. It shows that the studio is really getting behind the themes of the X-Men for the series The Gifted. Even in New York, there were vans moving throughout the series before Fox’s upfronts that were labeled Sentinel Services’ Mutant Testing Center. They were designed to advertise the show by stopping citizens and testing them to see if they were mutants.


We’ll have to wait and see what the studio has planned for SDCC.

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