Flash Forward #2

DC Comics

Written by Scott Lobdell

Art by Brett Booth

Inks by Norm Rapmund

Colors by Luis Guerrero

Letters by Troy Peteri

The Rundown: Wally West will discover just how dangerous the Dark Multiverse incursions can be and will have to seal the breaches with every hero he encounters on his trail.


Wally has barely enough time to fight the Dark Multiverse creature invading the White House and save President Superman at the same time. When he succeeds, he finds himself staring down that world’s version of the Justice League and they are not happy to see him. After an unexpected act, Wally goes on the run to where the source of the dark multiverse energy seems to be coalescing.

Unfortunately, he finds that there is another group of superheroes from another Earth already waiting for him and they are the shoot first, ask questions later type for sure. Fighting his way through the heroes, Wally must seal the breach before it spreads and a lethal countermeasure is deployed that could kill millions.

The Story: I still find myself on the fence cheering for a story featuring Wally West at thsi point, but Scott Lobdell has made this issue compelling and fun to read. Wally is still paying penance, but there is a part of him that is reverting back to the Wally he used to be and it will be interesting to see how he reconciles that with what he’s done. Also, the final reveal at the end of the issue is amazing and opens the possibility to some interesting drama to come for Wally.

The Art: Brett Booth nails it with the art in this issue. The action sequences are exciting and both the characters and backgrounds look amazing.

Flash Forward #2




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