Getting a jump on the other networks and their Fall offerings, Fox has released the first trailer for their new series The Gifted based on the X-Men universe. 


The series follows a family on the run after finding out that their two children have developed mutant powers. With the government on their trail, the family connects with an underground network of mutants to help them escape and survive. As they learn more about themselves and their new curcumstances, secrets that could tear them apart start to surface as well. The series stars Stephen Moyer, Amy Acker, Natalie Alyn Lind and Jamie Chung among others. Check it out and tell me what you think.

The series takes place in the universe started by the 2003 X-Men film and showrunner Matt Nix (Burn Notice) gave insight to fans of the films about where this series falls in the universe.

“A fan of the [X-Men] movies but also the comics would not be disoriented at all as to where this fits in the mythology,” Nix said of what would become The Gifted. “If you look at the movies, which take place from — they started in 2003 to now — they don’t all line up perfectly. I’m not slavishly fitting them into a particular slot. But at the same time, if you like the world of the movies, there are definite nods to the movies. It exists in the same general universe.”


Does this mean that we might get a cameo from Stephen Moyer’s real life wife Anna Paquin, who played Rogue in the films? That should be a question worth answering.

The Gifted will air this fall on Fox

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