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For those fans who always wondered what it would be like if Batman had the powers of the members of the Justice League, you might not like the results when Dark Nights: Metal finally unveils the seven different super powered Batmen of the Dark Multiverse.

As the events of Metal unfold, the heroes of the DC universe will be challenged by dark versions of Batman that will have Bruce’s brilliant mind and their unique powers. One of the first heroes who will face that threat will be Barry Allen in The Flash.

Written by Joshua Williamson and with art by Howard Porter, The Flash #33 will pick up right after the events of Dark Knights: Metal #3 and will have Barry racing against time to recover an element that can help to end the threat of the Dark Multiverse. It’s going to be interesting to see how each member of the League deals with an evil Bruce in possession of their powers, especially when Bruce has to deal with them as well.


“JUSTICE INSURGENCEā€ part one! After the harrowing events of DARK NIGHTS: METAL #3, the JUSTICE LEAGUE has scattered around the world to find the only artifacts that can fight back against the invasion of the Dark Multiverse. The League thinks they know how to take back their world, but they are not prepared for who is standing in their way. The Seven Dark Knights of the Dark Multiverse. All the brilliance of Batman, but none of the morals. Barry Allen, The Fastest Man Alive, is the first to get a taste of their plan, as BATMAN: THE RED DEATH takes him on at the Fortress of Solitude.

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