741823._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Firefly #3

Boom! Studios

Written by Greg Pak

Art by Dan McDaid

Colors by Marcelo Costa

Letters by Jim Campbell

If there is one thing is consistent about the crew of the Serenity, it’s that their collective luck always gets worse before it gets slightly less worse.

The Unificators have made their way to the Pilgrim caravan and they are looking for Mal and Zoie. Unfortunately, Jayne is all too happy to turn them in and the Unificators give chase. When they find that the two runners are not who they are looking for, the woman leading the group decides to head to town to pick up their trail.


When Mal and an injured Zoie manage to take the woman captive, Kaylee finds out more about the crime the two are accused of and it is not good. As they try and make their way back to Serenity, Wash calls to tell them that the Pilgrims have made it to their destination, but the ritual that they decide to begin when they get there puts Jayne, Wash and everyone else on the Serenity crew at risk.

The best thing Greg Pak could have done in this issue is put the crime Mal and Zoie are accused of out in the open. Rather than keeping it a mystery, putting it out there allows the reader to process their emotions about how they feel about these characters as well as the act itself. Characters who live on the fringe as outlaws always have to deal with the sins of their pasts coming back to haunt them and this storyline makes the reader grapple with their feelings towards the Mal and Zoie as well as the possibility that they could be guilty. A conflict you can only have when the writing is dense and nuanced.

Dan McDaid’s art is amazing. Each page captures the gritty reality of the crew’s circumstances and relays some beautiful backgrounds and details.

Firefly #3




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