STL123244Female Furies #6

DC Comics

Written by Cecil Castellucci

Art by Adriana Melo

Colors by Hi-Fi

Letters by Sal Cipriano

The Rundown: Barda and her fellow Furies have one chance to save the women of Apokalips as Granny is forced to play her final card.

Barda and the Furies run into opposition from the women they are trying to liberate and it has everything to do with the privilege that they have taken for granted. As they see the way the deck is stacked against them, Barda and Lashina come up with a new plan to force Darkseid and the other men to deal with the power of the women of Apokalips.


When the Furies return to their quarters, they find that Granny has already replaced them with eager new recruits. In his bid to quash the uprising, Darkseid infuriates Granny and imposes a curfew on all women. It’s a move that will cause everything to begin to crumble and could change the face of the planet forever.

The Story: Cecil Castellucci brings this story home with a story about empowerment, privilege and power. The political parallels are in your face and handled in a way to inform the reader of some universal truths using this science fiction setting. The impediments that Barda and the others face are handled well with the dialogue and plot of the issue and the conclusion leaves the door open for more story to be told.

The Art: Adriana Melo brings the power and beauty to these characters and all of the action is both thrilling and beautifully detailed.

Female Furies #6




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