Far Sector #9

DC Comics

Written by N.K. Jemisin

Art by Jamal Campbell

Letters by Deron Bennett

The Rundown: Jo will find another dark side of the City Enduring.

Jo’s investigation is hitting some new yet familiar snags. The parallels between this new world and the one she came from become more obvious to the Green Lantern as she learns more about the power structures in the city and who decided that the exploit would be used.

After discovering that the memes that are going through the City’s version of the dark web have been home grown, Jo tracks them back to a rural area where a secret facility houses a veritable slave group being used and exploited for what they can create.

The Story: N.K. Jemisin has impressed me with the scope, scale and plot of this story. While I continue to be impressed with the concept, the characters and the bigger story, this issue failed to connect with me. There are some interesting moments throughout that compare and contrast Jo’s life in law enforcement on Earth vs her time as a Green Lantern. The rest of the story is too slow in its execution and never really does much beyond moving the story along.

The Art: Jamal Campbell delivers some beautiful imagery in this issue. Every page has some great visual moments. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to the story and therefore the art is all that connects and engages.

Far Sector #9



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