Far Sector #7

DC Comics

Written by N.K. Jemisin

Art by Jamal Campbell

Letters by Deron Bennett

The Rundown: Lantern Mullein is attacked by some sophisticated weapons and the perpetrators will lead her into a new unexplored cyber world.

Jo is attacked by a series of advanced mechanized fighters and she discovers that they are being piloted by people whose brains and bodies have been destroyed by the @At. After taking down the mechs and finding the bodies inside, including that of one of the people she’s allowed herself to trust during this assignment, Mullein is angry.


Despite all the warnings, Mullein decides to jack into another part of The City Enduring. As she navigates the cyber landscape and meets some of its denizens, CanHaz takes her to those responsible and the pair prepare for battle.

The Story: I think there was a much better story here to be told than Mullein’s journey into cyberspace. Both the first page investigative summary and the flashback to Mullein receiving her ring were compelling in different ways. Both scenes seemed to suggest something interesting to come from the rest of the issue. Unfortunately, Jemisin delivers a shallow cyberspace adventure way too in love with being self referential and clever. There was a really deep moment teased at with Jo receiving her ring and what its significance is to her character specifically. I wish that had been explored more than a pseudo Matrix parody.

The Art: Jamal Campbell can always be counted on to make something visually exciting and interesting. Unfortunately, with the exception of the first splash page when Jo enters the new world, nothing about this cyber reality looks that interesting. Everything else was great leading up to the moment Jo “jacks in”. Everything after that just felt flat.

Far Sector #7




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