Fall TV is all about Time, but are any of these new shows worth yours?

Television has always been a creature of habit and one of those habits has always been about following trends. When something works on TV, everyone decides to try it. Sometimes it works where you can have a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and a Babylon 5 on the air at the same time. Sometimes it doesn’t and you have Lost and every TV show that tried to mimic Lost.

This cycle consists of shows pertaining to or featuring time travel. While I love shows that deal with time and the ramifications of altering it, like many of you, I don’t have time to watch them all. So here’s a short look at some of the new shows this season and you can decide for yourself.


Timeless (NBC)

The first series on the list is about a criminal mastermind who steals an experimental time machine. History professor Lucy Preston, her government bodyguard Wyatt Logan and engineer Rufus Carlin are sent to track him and his associates down when they discover that he is altering history. Coincidentally, it has not been lost on me that the character of “Rufus Carlin” is a direct reference to the time traveling character “Rufus” from the Bill and Ted movies played by George Carlin.


No Tomorrow (The CW)

This series take on the subject of time is based more on a single event. Two people Evie and Xavier meet and begin a relationship. Evie really likes Xavier, even though he can seem like a jerk to many people. His free spirit approach to life is something that Evie is attracted to until she discovers that his living like there’s no tomorrow is based on the fact that he knows that a meteor is heading towards earth that will wipe out oll life on the planet.


Frequency (The CW)

This series, based on the Gregory Hobblitt film from 2000, is about an NYPD detective who begins talking to a stranger over her father’s HAM radio during an electrical storm. The storm actually is a portal in space-time and the man on the other end of the radio is her dead father, also a cop, speaking to her from the year 1996 before he dies in an undercover opertion. After preventing his death, their efforts cause a butterfly effect that causes the apparent death of the mother by a serial killer that the detective is tracking called the Nightengale killer.


Making History (Fox)

Taking a comedic view of the genre, this series follows a computer science professor who builds a device that allows him to travel through time. He travels to the 1700’s becomes popular and falls in love using jokes and music from the present. He then travels to the present to enlist the help of his friend, a history professor because the woman he fell in love with is Paul Revere’s daughter and their relationship causes Paul Revere to not take his ride, altering the course of American history.

TIME AFTER TIME – ABC’s “Time After Time” stars Freddie Stroma as H.G. Wells and Josh Bowman as John Stevenson. (ABC/Bob D’Amico)

Time After Time (ABC)

Based on the novel and film of the same name, the series follows science fiction author H.G. Wells who discovers that his friend, surgeon John Stevenson is on the run from the police. He’s stolen Well’s experimental time machine and travels to the future. Wells finds out that Stevenson is Jack the Ripper and is determined to stop him by traveling to the future to find him. When he reaches the present, he falls in love with a woman who, in helping him, puts herself in the crosshairs of the Ripper himself.

Let us know which one of these shows catches your interest. Let us know if there are any shows that we might have missed.



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