Fables #151

DC Comics

Written by Bill Willingham

Art by Mark Buckingham

Inks by Steve Leialoha

Colors by Lee Lougheridge

Letters by Tod Klein

The Rundown: In the wake of exposure to their adopted world, some of the Fables have returned to their native lands while others stay behind.

Fabletown has been exposed to the mundane world and the authorities of the city want answers about the destruction and who was involved. At the same time, a body is pulled from the wreckage and taken away as a powerful Fable looks down on the scene with a desire to find the man responsible. At the same time, the new Jack of the Green emerges in the forest of another world and prepares to take her place in the new position.

In the same forest, some of the smaller creatures discover that there are visitors to their world. Visitors in the form of Bigby Wolf, Snow White and their family. As the family attempts to find a new home in Bigby’s old world, one of the ghosts of the world they left behind refuses to stay silent.

The Story: I appreciate the fact that Willingham starts this story on the heels of the last Fables arc in order to keep the continuity consistent. The story has some great mystery throughout and the characters are engaging as well. Bigby and Snow’s story continues to be interesting, but the bigger story brewing in the background has my attention and I am curious to see where it goes next.

The Art: Buckingham delivers some fantastic art on every page of this issue. The visual style is perfect for the characters and the world of this story and there are some great character-centric moments that are visually thrilling.

Fables #151



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