In what some are saying is a bid to stay on the project, Ezra Miller has reportedly teamed with legendary comic book scribe Grant Morrison to write a new script for the upcoming big screen Flash film.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Miller and Morrison are working on their own version of the Flash script that will have a different and darker tone than the one that Flash screenwriters John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein have been working on. The screenwriters previous credits include Spider-Man Homecoming and Game Night.

Despite its name, the Flash has been a pretty slow-moving project in terms of development. It has gone through multiple directors and scripts since it was announced and this looks like the latest hurdle the film will go through before cameras roll. Reportedly, Ezra Miller’s holding deal with stay involved with the project ends in May.


Grant Morrison is the writer behind some of most influential comics in history. His run on Swamp Thing as well as his surreal take on The Doom Patrol have made him a highly sought after writer. He wrote several issues of The Flash for DC Comics as well as a popular run on the Justice League of America.


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