Exorsisters #6

Image Comics

Written by Ian Boothby

Art by Gisele Lagace

Colors by Pete Pantazis

Letters by Taylor Esposito

The Rundown: Cate and Kate must escape from heaven to prevent hell on Earth.

Cate and Kate are in their own personal visions of paradise. Cate finally has a mother that will defend her from the demons of Hell rather than sell her soul to them. Kate has an underworld in which she is in charge and is thriving under her commands. Both discover rather quickly that this is heaven’s attempt to keep them happy and the pair decide to reunite to save the rest of the world. A feat easier said than done.


With the First Shadow in full control, his minions have been gathered to him as he decides on a new body to inhabit before undoing all of creation. The sisters arrive and Kate realizes that the only chance they have of stopping the creature is for her to make a personal sacrifice. One that will have unforeseen consequences on the rest of the world.

The Story: Exorsisters returns with its unique and entertaining brand of humor, heart and adventure. Ian Boothby raises the stakes for the sisters and their mission while also giving the reader more insight into the personalities of Cate and Kate. This series continues to be entertaining and engaging across the board with its witty dialogue and pacing. Boothby knows how to bring the reader in and feed a well crafted story to them until a cliffhanger that makes you hungry for more. A consistently fun ride.

The Art: Giselse Lagace delivers some great visuals throughout this issue and the characters pop on the page. I love the visual style of this series and this issue as well. As heavy as the subject matter tends to be, the art gives everything a sense of levity that keeps me interested.


Exorsisters #6




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