746687._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Exorsisters #5

Image Comics

Written by Ian Boothby

Art by Gisele Lagace

Colors by Pete Pantazis

Letters by Taylor Esposito

The saga of Cate and Kate Harrow continues as the sisters learn the extent of the First Shadow’s powers and its unexpected allies.

Cate is trapped in darkness and recounts the creation of her “sister” Kate. It’s her sister’s courage that always saw her through and her sister Kate is the one to pull her back from the void. With their escape, they encounter the angel Gabriel and follow him to the local park to not only get something to eat and regroup, but to get some answers.


The answers they get reveal that the First Shadow is as old as creation itself and its malevolence and anger might be too much for the sisters to deal with alone. Unfortunately, the arrival of their mother, her connection to the creature and a betrayal from an ally will remove the sisters from the battlefield. A move that could doom the entire world.

Things are getting more intense and a lot more fun in this issue. Ian Boothby has crafted a fun and engaging story with great dialogue and surprises that will keep the reader guessing. The characters are both relatable and engaging. Cate’s journey continues to be fascinating and all the drama both inside her and surrounding her make for some entertaining reading.

Gisele Lagace blows me away with her beautifully detailed art. From the first panel of Cate suspended in darkness to the encounter in the park with the First Shadow, everything is visually stunning and full of energy.

Exorsisters #5




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