exorsisters-3_32d147cf5cExorsisters #3

Image Comics

Written by Ian Boothby

Art by Gisele Lagace

Colors by Pete Pantazis

Letters by Taylor Esposito

Another dark chapter in the life of Cate is revealed.

Cate and Kate find themselves back in the underworld defending a client who took peyote and signed his soul away. As the demon who owns it and the Devil’s Advocate plead their case, it becomes clear that legal maneuvering is not going to win over the jury.


So the sisters just murder the demon and its lawyer.

After returning to their apartment, Cate begins to hear something. When she finally captures what it is, she finds herself having to tell Kate the story of how her ex-boyfriend betrayed her and how he got turned into a fly. The story reveals why Cate has trust issues, but her ex Buzz does reveal something no one thought could happen and an end twist that should be interesting to see play out.

Exorsisters continues to be fun, witty and interesting in its tone. Boothby continues to create engaging situations for these characters to find themselves in and an overall story that continues to be compelling. I continue to want to know more about Cate’s past and especially where Kate showed up from. The final pages in this issue hint at and even bigger mission and mystery for the sisters to solve and should open up some doors to a new perspective on the sisters and what they do.

Lagace’s art is the perfect complement to this story and its tone. The art is light and fun, but still conveys power and beauty in many of the scenes. There is also a sense of subversive joy to see a story like this have an almost wholesome Archie Comics style to the art.

Exorsisters #3




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