Exorsisters_01-1Exorsisters #1

Image Comics

Written  by Ian Boothby

Art by Gisele Lagace

Colors by Pete Pantazis

Letters by Taylor Esposito

Glenn and Gloria are preparing to spend the rest of their lives together. They’ve gathered all of their loved ones and are preparing to recite the vows they’ve written for each other when a demon arrives and drags the groom-to-be straight to hell. On the advice of the minister getting ready to marry them, the distraught bride-to-be calls in the Exorsisters to track down her fiance in Hell and bring him back.


In the course of their investigation, Cate and Kate decide to travel to the source and bring Glenn back with them. After discovering that Glenn isn’t there, their investigation leads them to a real world problem with a less than savory conclusion. After solving the case, the sisters get a visit from their mother with an ominous message about the end of the world.

The first issue of Exorsisters is a fun and well told story that does a great job of establishing some interesting characters as well as touching on some heavy subjects with humor. What makes it work is the humor as well as the matter-of-fact aspects to the world of the paranormal. I also found the end reveal of this issue to be a really interesting character moment that makes me interested in the back story of Cate and Kate.

Gisele Lagace’s art is great. I really enjoyed the animation style of the visuals and there are some great compositional shots that help to keep the story moving and fun. I really want to see where this story goes next, which is the mark of something good.

Exorsisters #1




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