Excellence #12

Image Comics

Written by Brandon Thomas

Art by Khary Randolph

Colors by Emilio Lopez

Letters by Deron Bennett

The Rundown: Spencer learns a shocking truth about women and magic.

Raymond Dales is trapped in a spell geared towards memory and the pain he is feeling is being caused by something he has been holding inside that he will not reveal to his son Spencer. Unfortunately, it is the only things that will free him. At the same time, Spencer is confronted about his relationship with his father and what he truly wants from the man. He also knows how hard the man will fight to keep his secrets. Secrets that reveal that Spencer isn’t the first one to rebel against the Aegis.

At the same time, Amari decides that it is time Spencer learn some harsh truth and she is prepared to reveal it to him. She reveals a truth Spencer never knew. One that could change the very nature of his understanding of the Aegis and how they control magic. He also learns what it cost his father and what he did to keep the Aegis’ secrets. Secrets that might not stay hidden for long.

The Story: Thomas delivers an amazing story in this issue. I loved all the reveals in the plot and cannot wait to see how they play out in the rest of the story. I liked seeing another side to Raymond and knowing the context behind some of his behavior. I loved Amari’s perspective and how she cuts through a lot of stuff to get to the heart of the issue. I love how everything continues to build off of what has come before and I cannot wait to see where this story goes next.

The Art: Randolph delivers some masterful and beautifully composed panels in this issue. The art is beautiful throughout and the composition of the panels draws in the reader with great visual flair.

Excellence #12



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