Excellence #10

Image Comics

Written by Brandon Thomas

Art by Khary Randolph

Colors by Emilio Lopez

Letters by Deron Bennett

The Rundown: Spencer is on the run and his actions make their way home.

After stealing classified materials from the Aegis, Spencer Dales is on the run. As he looks for a way out of the city, the agents of the Aegis are in pursuit and Spencer will have to lose his wand if he wants to stay below their radar. As he works on his next move, he thinks about the lessons from his mother and how those lessons can help him focus on what he needs to do next. Something he will have to do quickly if he has any chance of escaping the agents hot on his trail.

At the same time, the Aegis decides that they need the help of Spencer’s father if they have any chance of finding him and bringing him in. Unfortunately, they do the worst thing they can do to illicit his help, they go after Spencer’s grandmother. An act that does not go unpunished by Raymond. To make things worse, Raymond is brought in to prove his loyalty to the Aegis. Proof that might end in death for Spencer’s allies.

The Story: Thomas continues to craft a story with deep meaning and heart stopping adventure. The story brilliantly contrasts Spencer dealing with the consequences of his actions while his father is presented with some tough ones of his own. The story is incredibly immersive and engaging to the reader and has great messages about family and freedom throughout.

The Art: Khary Randolph masterfully brings this issue to life with art that is filled with beautiful details. The pages have a great flow to them and Randolph’s style draws you in visually.

Excellence #10



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