Event Leviathan #5

DC Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Alex Maleev

Letters by Josh Reed

The Rundown: Lois’ detectives put forth a new theory about who Leviathan is and the man of steel comes face to face with the mystery figure.

Lois is meeting with her own team of detectives and they have come up with a suspect; Sam Lane. Unable to believe that her own father could be Leviathan, Zatanna transports them all to his hospital room just in time to thwart another attempt on his life by a Leviathan soldier. In the aftermath, Lois and Sam end up transported to another location with the dying Sam Lane giving his daughter a clue to who Leviathan really is.


Batman and the other detectives are tracking Superman and on the way to his location, they finally put the pieces together and determine who Leviathan is. Unfortunately, the intervention of a familiar face will slow down their hunt. At the same time, Superman is confronted by Leviathan and shown not only the scope of his power, but the man himself.

The Story: Filled with mystery, suspense and surprises, this issue of Even Leviathan grabbed my attention as a reader. All of the pieces being introduced in this puzzle fit into place and the evolving story continues to be interesting. The conclusion to this issue felt a little rough with Damian and everyone else coming to the same conclusion at roughly the same time, but the story ended on a high note for readers interested in this mystery and how it can be resolved.

The Art: Alex Maleev always crafts beautiful, provocative art and this issue is no different. Both the characters and the amazing backgrounds blend together to create some pure, breathtaking art.

Event Leviathan #5




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