779133._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Event Leviathan #1

DC Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Alex Maleev

Letters by Joshua Reed

The Rundown: Batman is in Coast City investigating the latest destruction of an intelligence facility, a brand new ARGUS facility designed to bridge the gap between the people and superheroes. When he’s confronted by Lois Lane about the attack on everyone from the DEO to Amanda Waller, the Dark Knight Detective and the reporter find themselves face to face with a lone survivor; Steve Trevor.


Spending years in service to covert agencies makes the spy more than a little untrusting and he lashes out at Batman and Lois before being knocked out by Green Arrow. Batman lets them know that the only way they are going to find out the who and what behind Leviathan is if they call in the greatest detectives in the world and get to work. A message one of them, hiding in the shadows, takes to heart before disappearing.

The Story: Brian Michael Bendis has assembled an impressive team of characters to investigate this mystery. Removing Superman from he equation was a great move and allows for the investigation to maintain a gritty, real world feel as well as showcase Lois more due to her personal stake in the investigation. The structure of the story opens up some great avenues for Bendis to explore the detective side of Batman and the others and I can’t wait to see that play out. Leviathan is also becoming an interesting character as well and I am intrigued to know more about him.

The Art: Alex Maleev’s art is fantastic throughout this issue. It is beautifully detailed, dark and gritty with great character shots.

Event Leviathan #1




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