Eve #2

BOOM! Studios

Written by Victor LaValle

Art by Jo Mi-Gyeong

Colors by Brittany Peer

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: Eve travels to the outside world, while a scientist monitors an important situation.

A team of scientists work on a life changing project. It is later revealed the lead scientist has a close connection to Eve and her android teddy bear. Meanwhile, Eve and Wexler embark on a journey outside of their compound. They soon encounter unpredicted enemies and are forced to temporarily separate. While Wexler takes a dangerous detour, Eve continues on her appointed path. Then she is met with something unforeseen.

The Story: Victor LaValle’s narrative takes an exciting and unexpected turn in this brilliantly written chapter. I am really impressed with the story telling here. Perfectly designed horror elements are infused with a realism that is both compelling and frightening. Here, the use of Eve as hero, turns this tale from childhood fantasy, to a symbolic parable of renewal and deliverance. I can’t say enough good things about this edition, and I am excited to delve further into this world.

The Art: Jo Mi-Gyeong uses a youthful drawing style that is filled with detail and character expression. The color work of Brittany Peer relies heavily on muted tones and greens. The panels are extremely compelling. Especially those that either lack or have limited dialogue. I was fully engaged with every page and completely transported into the world of the story.

Eve #2



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