Essentially Strange: The Best Doctor Strange Stories Part 3

Doctor Strange vs Dracula : The Montesti Formula


One of the bigger plot points in this season of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, besides the presence of Robby Reyes’ Ghost Rider, has been the introduction of and search for an ancient grimoire called the Darkhold. The Darkhold is primarily written by Chithon, an Elder God and the book itself is responsible for many of the dark, magical creatures that inhabit the Marvel Universe. It also has a direct link to Doctor Strange.

Originally published in October 2006, this story actually covers multiple issues of both Doctor Strange and Tomb of Dracula, but is available as a collected edition. It was written by Steve Englehart, Marv Wolfman and Roger Stern and illustrated by Gene Colan, Dan Greene and Steve Leialoha.

The Montesti Formula follows Doctor Strange and Dracula as they separately seek the Darkhold. Dracula wants to learn the history of the original vampire and use the books powers to enslave the Earth. Strange knows the book contains The Montesti Formula, which can wipe out all vampires. Strange is joined on his quest by Blade and the Nightstalkers, as well as an appearance by Scarlet Witch as they fight to end Dracula before he can create his army of Vampires. But what will ending all Vampires mean for both Blade and Hannibal King? It’s definitely worth reading to learn the history of black magic in the Marvel Universe and the fate of the Darkhold itself. Check it out and let me know what you think.


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