Episode 8: A Fancast What If? issue. San Diego Comic Con Edition

Episode 8 finds our Fastidious Foursome fantasizing about taking a flight to the epicenter of all things fan: San Diego Comic Con. While we cannot be there personally, like some of our favorite Marvel Comics, we decided to put out a What If? issue of the podcast. We talk about panels we would love to sit in on. We talk about who we would cosplay as and in our minds, every panel is wide open and there is no wait. We dare to dream and someday, we will make it a reality. Let us know what you love about SDCC. What panels would you attend? Email us at superpoweredfancast@gmail.com and we’ll read your comments on our next episode. As always, please rate and review us on Itunes, visit our website superpoweredfancast.com and leave comments.

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