Episode 3: Spoiler filled Civil War Review and Genna reminds us why we love Steve Rogers

It’s been a while since our fearsome foursome sat down together to bring forth the thoughts in their collective heads, but they are back with their review of one of the best movies of the year: Captain America: Civil War. Speculation runs rampant as they attempt to predict what happens next in the MCU. Also, if you’ve been following the Marvel universe in comic form, you are aware of the changes to our star-spangled Avenger. As we discussed the movie, one of our own was learning about those changes first hand and her opinion on the subject is honest and heartfelt. Thank you to all our listeners and please rate and review us. As always, we can be contacted at superpoweredfancast@gmail.com , @superpoweredfan on Twitter and at our website www.superpoweredfancast.com.


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