The CW

Season 4 Episode 9

Elseworlds Part 3

The finale of Elseworlds has Deegan deliver the opening monologue now that he has decides to become Superman. The problem is, with no Superman on that Earth to use as a template, he’s making it up as he goes along. When he finally corners Oliver and a powerless Barry, Oliver uses Deegan’s desire to be a real hero to create a distraction that will help them escape. When Deegan-Man returns to his base at STAR Labs we finally get to see what happened to Kara.


Supergirl is being held in the pipeline and her jailer is her sister Alex. Diggle and Caitlin are loyal soldiers in Superman’s army and Barry and Oliver (now known as the Trigger Twins) need to find someone to help them. They decide to go find Cisco, but run into the Monitor again.


Kara’s pleas to her not sister on Barry’s Earth are heavy handed but effective. Barry appealing to mob boss Cisco for help using his dead brother’s memory is equally as heavy handed. Cisco decides to vibe Barry and Oliver to Earth 38 so they can get help from the real Superman and they all arrive at STAR Labs just in time for the two Supermen to start brawling. The heroes finally recover the book and Clark is able to restore their powers right before Deegan retrieves the book and starts to unleash all kinds of chaos including a resurrected Amazo.


Oliver comes to a realization about himself as a hero when Barry and Kara begin a plan that is designed to stop time, but will kill them both in the process and he visits the Monitor again to make a deal to change their destinies. It’s an interesting play that is going to have resonance with Oliver throughout the rest of the episode as well as going into the next crossover event.


The resolution of the episode is handled in a way that opens the door for the next event, which they thankfully decided to release at the end of the episode. We get treated to more Batwoman and a fun resolution with Barry and Oliver. The highlight of this episode was definitely Lois and Clark again. They are so cute together on screen that you ache for them to get their own show because they work so well together and with the other characters. A fun conclusion that was a little heavy on the sentiment factor, but effective in conveying the stakes for these heroes going forward.

Supergirl S04XE09




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