Edenwood #5

Image Comics

Written by Tony S. Daniel

Art by Tony S. Daniel

Colors by Leonardo Paciarotti

Letters by Nathan Kempf

The Rundown: Rion takes on the demon forces, but he might be fighting for the wrong side.

In the past, Rion defeats the Black Lakes Trio and has to take the life of his mentor. In the present, he is confronted by Jean Luc who decides to finally bestow his armor to the young man giving him all the powers it contains. As the battle rages within the city and the demon governor demands the tome and Rion, he is offered a dark deal by one of Rion’s friends.

Rion returns to confront the governor and reveal a hidden ally that could turn the tide of the battle. Determined to find Adelai by entering Edenwood, he is unaware that someone he knows is waiting for him to tell him he’s fighting for the wrong side.

The Story: Daniel continues to craft a beautifully intricate and unique world in this series. The story has some wonderful character moments and layers of story that keep me invested. The plot continues to keep me riveted and immersed in the characters, their relationships and the dangers they face. I look forward to seeing where this story goes next and what twists await the characters.

The Art: Daniel’s art is beautifully detailed and visually thrilling. The action is amazing to look at and delivers on the thrills of the story as well as the gorgeous, provocative world Daniel has created.

Edenwood #5



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