Duo #6

DC Comics

Written by Greg Pak

Art by Khoi Pham

Inks by Scott Hanna

Colors by Chris Sotomayor

Letters by Janice Chiang

The Rundown: Duo fights the Irredeemables in a desperate attempt to save San Francisco.

Continuing from the previous chapter, the Duo is attacked by their enemies as the Irredeemables also enter the fray. In a perhaps unsurprising twist, Dr. Tinker makes an offer to work with Duo in the current circumstance. This sparks an interesting internal conversation between Kelly and David that ends in an interesting manner. Then the Duo confront the Irredeemables. Soon Marius comes to their aid and makes a stunning decision. Afterwards, the Immutables say their goodbyes, and Duo has another run in with Dr. Tinker. In the finale, Kelly and David make a decision and Dr. Tinker converses with a political figure.

The Story: The action-packed finale of this limited series wraps up neatly while setting the stage for a potential sequel. I really liked seeing the evolution of David and Kelly and was inspired by how they worked together. I appreciated how their love for each other ultimately allowed both personalities to thrive and I feel that lesson should be headed in real life relationships. The differing enemy groups were handled in a straightforward and intelligible manner, and I was impressed that the story never muddled them together, as they were each similar in their setups. I think the strength of this series is the team’s ability to present multiple characters in an easily distinguishable manner. I really enjoyed Duo and I hope that DC plans to continue their story in other narratives.

The Art: This issue is filled with riveting action sequences in which detailed illustration focuses on both character and landscape. And as always, the lettering perfectly and easily captures the voices of multiple people in a cohesive manner, especially when it comes to the differing voices within Duo. Overall, I found the artwork engaging and transportive.


Duo #6



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