Duo #3

DC Comics

Written by Greg Pak

Art by Khoi Pham

Inks by Scott Hanna

Colors by Chris Sotomayor

Letters by Janice Chiang

The Rundown: After receiving valuable insight from a colleague, David and Kelly meet with the Immutables and discuss their options.

Reeling from a previous experience, David meets with Henry and learns something surprising. Then, Kelly makes a move that shifts the power dynamic between the couple. Afterwards, Duo seeks out Dr. Chung and finds both the doctor and his fellow Immutables. Then a brief skirmish ensures. Soon, David is escorted to an off-world location, where Dr. Chung explains the purpose of the Immutables before making him a calculated offer. Finally, an unexpected group crashes their meeting bringing information of their own.

The Story: The third chapter of this series is both entertaining and thought provoking. Although David and Kelly worked seamlessly in the past, there is a clear hierarchy between the two. It is fascinating to watch how the differences in their personalities guide their thoughts and how one controls the other both emotionally and physically. Now that their potential adversaries and allies are altogether, I am curious as to which personality will have the final say on the direction the Duo align themselves with, and how the other personality will react.

The Art: This issue uses some interesting techniques to visually represent the experiences and David and Kelly. Firstly, I am very impressed with the lettering. The clear demarcation between voices and monologue type is pivotal to the storytelling and Chiang does an excellent job of providing that clarity. Secondly, the illustration conveys the internal battle being held between the Duo in an emotionally captivating manner. The emphasis placed on character expression and form does much to convey the tone of the story and provides insight into the feelings of those surrounding David. Overall, I found the artwork to be well crafted and timely.

Duo #3



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