DUNE House Atreides #4

Boom! Studios

Written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson

Art by Dev Pramanik

Colors by Alex Guimaraes

Letters by Ed Dukeshire

The Rundown: Duncan goes on the run from Rabban and Leto makes an interesting discovery on IX.

Duncan Idaho is on the run from the forces of Rabban and his Harkonnen guards. After removing his tracking device, young Duncan is going to show the Harkonnens just how deadly he can be on his own. After evading Rabban and the other predators staking the landscape, Duncan finds himself in the hands of someone else. Someone who could either be friend, foe or something else entirely.

On the planet IX, Leto Atreides is getting used to life among the ruling family. He is also getting used to the attention from Lady Kailea. When his curiosity about the workers who toil in the depths of the planet prompts him to visit them, he learns a secret about the workers. One they are willing to kill to protect. At the same time, Baron Harkonnen receives an unwanted visitor and the son of the emperor continues to plot his ascension.

The Story: Filled with intrigue and action, Herbert and Anderson immerse the reader into the worlds and characters of Dune. The story is engaging and it is entertaining to see how the characters evolve as their circumstances do. The story does a great job of transitioning between the different characters without any of the story or pages feeling wasted. A great issue that has me interested in what happens to these characters next.

The Art: Dev Pramanik delivers some great art throughout this issue. Having to craft different landscapes and environments for characters is a hard task, but every transition from one world to the next showcases the beautiful environments Pramanik has created.

DUNE House Atreides #4



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