Dr. Strange Surgeon Supreme #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Mark Waid

Art by Kev Walker

Colors by Java Tartaglia

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: Stephen Strange is called in to consult on an unusual case involving a teenager and discovers something sinister.


Stephen is still finding a way to balance his life as a preeminent neurosurgeon as well as the Sorcerer Supreme and a consultation at the hospital will put both of those worlds into conflict. A nineteen year old man is rapidly aging every hour and the only clue that Stephen can discern from the man’s rambling is that he recent received a tattoo.

After clearing the room and using his skills as a sorcerer to enter the world of the man’s ink, he discovers the creature lurking inside feeding off the man’s life force as well as others. As Strange fights to free his patient, he will discover that the device being used on the victims contains some familiar components.

The Story: Mark Waid not only continues to tell a compelling story about Strange and his new dynamic, but he manages to brilliantly balance the challenges of both worlds in a way that makes the drama and story more entertaining. Dr. Strange has always lived in the world of the fantastic, but it is gratifying to see him struggle and overcome new and interesting threats and this story has both. I really enjoyed the pace or the story and how it was resolved, but I loved the continuation of a new mystery that will challenge Strange going forward.

The Art: Kev Walker deliver some beautiful art in this issue. The characters are expressive. The action is fantastic and the visual style is thrilling. The creature designs are amazing and I really enjoyed how the story progressed throuigh the art.

Dr Strange Surgeon Supreme #4




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