Doom Patrol Weight of the Worlds #4

DC Comics

Written by Gerard Way and Jeremy Lambert

Art by Nick Pitarra

Colors by Tamra Bonvillain

Letters by Simon Bowland

The Rundown: Flex Mentallo returns to Destiny Beach and discovers an old enemy is causing trouble as Cliff finds new purpose.


Flex and the rest of the Doom Patrol have made it to one of his favorite spots in the universe, Destiny Beach. Unfortunately, the place is in shambles and all of the regulars he remembers from the old days are gone. When he finally finds some of his old bodybuilding friends, they are not happy to have him back.

It turns out that a new guy on the scene has stolen the beach from the regulars and none of them can flex well enough to beat him, especially when Flex finds out the secret the new guy is hiding. It’s going to take an unorthodox play by Rita to save the day. At the same time, Cliff has decided to be super helpful to everyone around him and the demands for his help are starting to pile up as every success gives him upgrades to his tech.

The Story: Relentlessly fun and engaging. Way and Lambert manage to find the sweet spot between the endearing and the ridiculous and deliver something fun, funny and heartfelt. This is a journey into the surreal that continues to be interesting to read with each issue. Both the exploration of the lives of the Doom Patrol members and the journey Cliff is taking are well executed.

The Art: Nick Pitarra delivers some great art in this issue. Everything from the character details to the beautiful backgrounds is amazing.

Doom Patrol Weight of the Worlds #4




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