Doom PatrolĀ 

DC Universe

Season 1 Episode 9

Jane Patrol

This episode takes a deep dive into the Underground and how its many denizens keep Jane somewhat together.


Jane is left in a catatonic state after the events of the last episode and in Jane’s mind, Karen is put away by Hammerhead and the others. With no one at the wheel and Jane refusing to go back, Cliff is trying to find a way to get through to her. With no one able to find a way, the entity inside Larry takes over and connects both Jane and Cliff to each other. Cliff finds himself in the underground back in human form and is immediately captured and put into the same prison complex as Karen.


Jane has decided she doesn’t want to go back and when she decides to get answers, one of her personalities tells her to go to the well. Unfortunately, according to Penny Farthing, no one comes back from that. Penny breaks Cliff out in an attempt to help Jane, but he ends up learning more about her tragic past than she wants him too and his attempts to help just might get both of them killed by the creature that resides at the bottom of the well. The creature who broke the young girl who would become Jane in the first place.


This is definitely a deeply personal episode and I really enjoyed the fact that it didn’t hold back in its depiction of the effects of trauma. As harsh and sad as it was, it opens up the character of Jane in ways that could allow her to have more control in the future. All of the alters were incredibly interesting to see interact with each other and it will be interesting to see how they incorporate themselves into the future.

Doom Patrol S01XE09




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