Doom Patrol 

DC Universe

Season 1 Episode 8

Danny Patrol

In the middle of nowhere, a lone agent is getting ready to enter a dangerous situation. A situation that he can’t understand, but seems drawn to. Agent Wilson spies a small town street in the middle of the woods filled with people laughing and enjoying themselves. Everyone is welcoming and the street itself seems to be speaking directly to him as he wanders the town. He disappears along with the street itself when the organization he works for moves in.


Larry has some more personal issues to deal with as his memories of the Bureau of Normalcy and their experiments to try to harness the entity inside him bubble to the surface. When Cliff intercepts a call from Jane to Rita, the voice on the other line is different from the ones he’s encountered before and when he tells Rita about the call, she immediately gets concerned about the fact that Jane has reverted to one of the worst of her 64 personalities, Karen.


Larry and Vic have their own issues to deal with when a mysterious cake arrives on their doorstep and they follow its location to what they discover is a sentient, gender-queer street named Danny. Determined to help Danny, Vic and Larry learn about the street and its inhabitants as Rita and Cliff have to deal with Karen’s fantasy world and its effects on a hapless doof named Doug and his angry family.


For all its heavy subject matter, this episode was one of the more joyful and affirming episodes of the series so far. Even the dark moments are handled with a sense that there was some light ahead for the characters. Larry’s arc was definitely the most interesting part of the episode and there was a moment when all of the hope and joy that seemed to be building for him hits some harsh reality. I can’t wait to see where this story goes next especially with what happens at the end to Jane.


Highlight of the episode is Larry letting go and finally being a version of himself that he wishes he could be in a colorful, joyful rendition of People Like Us.



Doom Patrol S01XE08




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