Doom Patrol

DC Universe

Season 1 Episode 7

Therapy Patrol

This week’s episode features all of the members of the team dealing with the personal psychological issues that have been crippling them for years. And all it took was Cliff going on a violent rampage and bringing everyone together for a group therapy session.


Rita is once again dealing with her past and the ramifications of living up to a manufactured image. In the midst of her trying to pull herself together, literally, a run in with Crazy Jane breaks her concentration and she finds herself melting into the grates and pooling in the furnace downstairs.


Larry is dealing with the fact that he has had to hide who he is from everyone since he was little. With the threat of his father and society looming over him, Larry and his passenger have a tense back and forth when he leaves Larry’s body and tries to simulate a moment when Larry was happy. The fact that Larry knows it is fake makes the moment more torturous.

Vic is dealing with the double-edged sword of being both Cyborg and a young man. With the parental blocks taken off him, he realizes that he has a social media profile that is pretty active. When it quickly dawns on him that every woman interested in him is only interested in the fact that he’s Cyborg, he becomes disillusioned. When one woman responds who doesn’t know who he is, he talks to her only to be disappointed when he tells her who he is.


Jane is dealing with her shifting, complicated feelings about the Chief and what his plans were for her. As she violently lashes out at everyone and the tapes Chief made of their sessions, her alters fight for control inside her to try to salvage something.


Cliff is not responding to anyone around him and it’s mainly because he is raging against the news that his daughter is being by his best friend. When he violently confronts him, the realization that something is wrong begins to dawn on him and he believes that he needs to get everyone together to air out their crap if they have any chance of stopping Mr. Nobody.

This is another surreal and entertaining episode of the series. Not only were the reveals interesting and having each character focused on up to the point where their actions merge in time, but the revelation of who is to blame is both sublime and funny. Hopefully, all this therapy will lead them to a narrative path beyond the absurd.

Doom Patrol S01XE07




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