Doom Patrol

DC Universe

Season 1 Episode 6

Doom Patrol Patrol

After saving the world from the de-creator, the team is reflecting on the weirdness of their apparent victory as well as their growing personal issues.


This is a Rita Farr focused episode as the reluctant hero deals with the loss of the young man she tried to help in the last episode and reflects on a moment in her past where a decision she made has tragic consequences. It’s a surreal moment for the character as the horrors of the casting couch in Hollywood become the backdrop for Rita’s attempts to hold onto her form among the stress of trying to launch a comeback.


At the same time, Jane is going through old videos of her therapy sessions with Chief and she stumbles upon his mentioning of the Doom Patrol. Victor is trying to find all the missing pieces of his cannon before his father arrives to reboot his systems and he and Cliff have to deal with their issues when Vic has to trust him to watch over him while he sleeps. Cliff’s price for this favor is Vic helping him get access to his daughter through social media.


When Jane discovers that Rita knows about Doom Patrol, specifically her relationship with its leader Mento, she takes Rita and Larry to the location of the Doom Patrol’s secret school for training methumans. Rita rekindles her relationship with Mento even though the act that tore them apart is still hanging over them. Larry discovers that there was more to Niles’ relationship with this team than meets the eye and Jane discovers that she was supposed to be at this facility as well but not for the reasons she thinks.


All of the secrets, lies and omissions start to come out and the team discovers why Mr. Nobody sent them to find the old team in the first place.

For all the build up so far in the series episode by episode, this one felt the weakest so far in its execution. There were interesting aspects to it and the Rita moments stood out as compelling, but the rest of the episode felt rushed, like there was more to say that never got explored. It felt like half an episode with a rushed conclusion.

Doom Patrol S01XE06




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