Doom Patrol

DC Universe

Season 1 Episode 5

Paw Patrol

Things are getting freaky for both the Doom Patrol and the rest of the world and the only people who can stop the De-Creator from De-Creating is the Chief and Mr. Nobody.


In the midst of torturing Niles Caulder, Mr. Nobody laments that the world is coming to an end. Even worse, he hasn’t been in the last two episodes. Niles convinces Nobody that they can save the world. They determine that the only way they can stop the cult that summoned the De-Creator is to start their own cult to summon a Re-Creator.


Fortunately, Niles and Nobody have the perfect candidate in Crazy Jane.

After going through her life, Nobody finds the perfect alter to enact his plan of creating a cult. An alter who has the power of suggestion and can make anyone do anything, including having her sadistic doctor stab himself in the eye.


In the present, Cliff and Jane are still hashing through their crap in Nurnheim with Cliff still seeing Jane as his daughter and Jane’s personality fighting fiercely against getting close to anyone. When the past and present collide with each other, it will be Jane’s Cult of the Recreator vs the Cult of the Decreator in the ultimate staring contest for the fate of the world.


This episode is so insane from start to finish that you can’t help but love every surreal, ridiculous moment of it. All of the characters are starting some interesting and entertaining character arcs especially an evolution in Rita and fear from Vic. Everything in this episode was crazy and amazing and I can’t wait to see where this story goes next.


Doom Patrol S01XE05




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