765091._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Domino: Hotshots #4

Marvel Comics

Written by Gail Simone

Art by David Baldeon and Michael Shelfer

Inks by David Baldeon, Michael Shelfer and Craig Yeung

Colors by Jim Charalampidis

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Both Outlaw and Domino have been infected with power from the Creation Constellation and with an alliance as tenuous as the one between these six women has been, betrayal by one or all of them was only a matter of time. White Fox makes her move to take the power from Neena, but she only succeeds in exposing her true motives.


In the aftermath of their battle, Domino comes to a realization about the power she is carrying. One that seems to solidify the team behind her and her plan. They head out to find Mazarov and when they do, they discover what he did to the woman who loved him. Not wanting the tragedy to spread, Outlaw and Domino have to take the growing threat down once and for all in order to save the world. Unfortunately, they are unaware of the Celestials standing in judgement of them as well as the surprise Mazarov has left behind.

The Story: Gail Simone injects a healthy amount of humor and heart into this issue. It’s a testament to the series that the characters are so dynamic that their personalities become part of the reason to read the book in the first place. This issue is no exception. These characters are well written and fun to read. Even with the growing stakes throughout, Simone manages to keep the issue character focused and highlights the camaraderie between these characters and what they mean to each other. I can’t wait to see what Simone has in store for the finale.

The Art: David Baldeon and Michael Shelfer produce some amazing visuals in this issue. From the character designs to the action, everything looks great. The art leaps from the page and Baldeon’s style is perfectly suited for these characters and the action in this story. Shelfer’s art is a great complement to Baldeon with some beautifully detailed panels.

Domino Hotshots #4




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